Thoughts of others

Dec 11, 2007 21:03 · 120 words · 1 minute read zitate

Whatever you’re looking for
Don’t ever start looking behind
Whatever you want to change
You better start changing your mind
‘Cause everything can be done
Stand up ‘cause this is your time
“Duel With The Devil”, Transatlantic, Transatlantic

To those who understand, I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am

“As I Am”, Train Of Thought, Dream Theater

It’s amazing - you look like a normal person, but actually you’re the Angel of Death.
Sally in “When Harry met Sally”

… okok, das letzte passt weder in meine Stimmung noch in den Kontext, aber es ist genial. Der Rest ist einfach nur kitschig, aber es ist auf meinem IPod und passte gerade … 🙂