Toilet & Shower Experiences

Nov 12, 2005 23:58 · 485 words · 3 minute read bizarr lustig menschen

Hab ich doch glatt in den Tiefen meiner unendlich großen Festplatten noch ein mirror eines sehr, sehr alten Postings von mir gefunden. Dies fiel leider dem update auf WordPress zum Opfer. Aber ich finds so gut, daß ich das gleich nochmal einstellen musste. Der Original-Eintrag war jedenfalls am 20. Juni 2004 .

Did you ever piss next to an Asian guy in the men’s room? Did you ever shower next to one? Well, I did. And I I learned one thing: Asians have an obsession. This obsession is cleanliness.

After the first time I just thought this was one quite special character, but then some days later another Asian guy did the same. What they did? They masturbated 🙂 . I don’t know how you handle that, but the very me just goes pissing, then shakes (more than two times is playing with yourself ;-), then stuffs “the thing” away. Asians do milk them, and they seem to take pride in doing so, at least they seem to have a common method - both of them. Thumb and forefinger squeeze the root of “the thing”, and then they push forward, and they really squeeeeze with pressure! This is done multiple times - I stopped counting after the tenth milking both times. And then comes the shaking. (And maybe some more milking afterwards, just to be sure … ).

All right - maybe they feel better then. But that’s not all! Today I was swimming (the first time I managed 50m crawling!!), and another exemplar of this special species was showering next to me. And, whew, he had a bathing sponge!! Wow. Well, when I came in he was completely covered in soap - all white foam with a black haired head on the top.

He finished about the same time as I did (and I didn’t hurry - but remember, he started earlier), and then asked me “only that short?!” (shower time, dumbo!) … aah, yes … 🙂

Then he told me that he hated showering! I wanted to know why, and he said “Ah, I have to shower again when I get home. I hate it!”. Ooh-kaay.

But caucasians are not neccessarily that much better - the third guy showering (in the late fourties or early fifties I think) either had lice or a pubic hair obsession - he was scrubbing his (with soap) when I came in, and still scrubbing it (with soap) when I went out.

But the strange things still haven’t finished!! While I was drying myself and gathering my things some youths - about 16 years old - came in, and they did something funny, too - going swimming with swimming trousers and normal underpants underneath! Why that?? I asked them, too, and the reply was basically “Aahh … well … we don’t know … why not?”, accompanied with a sheepish grin.

I left the shower.

Men simply are strange.