Samsung SGH-X480

Jul 5, 2005 21:24 · 146 words · 1 minute read digital

Well, it’s here, my new mobile phone. It’s nice, small, lightweight, and no Nokia. But what I really have to say is that Nokia has the by far best usability of all phones I know. These are the issues I have found so far:

  • No possibility to send phone entries via SMS

  • No “snooze” function when alarm goes off (but 4 different alarm settings, for whatever reasons)

  • Items “melody”, “summer”, “melody & summer” (setting “ring tone type”) do not what they are expected to

  • No Bluetooth (not that I used that at all before)

What bugs me most is definitely item number two …


Another thing: If I choose “show number” on a phone book entry, it will show the number. But if the number does not fit in one line, it scrolls through … impossible to read. Still, a nice mobile. But with flaws.