Not Sponsored

Jul 5, 2005 16:45 · 171 words · 1 minute read www

My site is not sponsored by anything. Especially not by, which was printed in the page footer (that came from the design template, not from me!).

Apart from that I am in a very bad mood - the company I put in my job application fucked up and did not process my appointment acknowledgement. Thus when I called in today about tomorrow they said “ups”, and gave me another appointment next week. Great. I do not like that. Not the least.

But to be precise: Mainly I don’t like that because I knew it - I had a bad feeling all the time, because during the phone call in which I acknowledged the interview date the person at the other side just said “Ok”. I said “That’s it now?”, answer: “Yes”. Not asking about my first name, no precise date confirmation, no nothing. I knew that this was strange. And I did not call until today. So the company fucked up. Mistakes happen. But who’s the idiot in that story?