Busy weekend

Apr 12, 2005 10:38 · 563 words · 3 minute read ereignisse foto menschen

Well, I talked about the Frankfurt Music Fair, two Whisky tastings, and a class reunion, not to forget the film & photo market. So there’s much to tell during those days.

Let’s start with the Music Fair. Which was thoroughly depressing from the start: I came in through the main entrance located directly in front of hall one. The Piano Salon. And I got in, and there was this cute little asian girl, about 20 years of age maybe. And she had time to spend while waiting for her boyfriend, so she hang around there to look for some pianos. First she was listening to some pianist playing tough stuff on a … Schimmel, I think. As this guy went away she sat down, and … made it better.

Believe me, that’s depressing: 20 years, the typical clich?? bubble-gum asian, pink belt, flare jeans, turqoise top, round back and horrible stance. Sitting on the chair like waiting for the train. And playing like an angel. I was depressed.

… which lasted until I ran into a booth in hall 5 (software & computer components), of a company with the name “S&M” of all things. They followed the age-old rule-of-thumb sex sells. An angel (model with thong, bra, two - tiny - wings on the back, and a devil, with a hot-pants (very small), tight top with a fish net on top of it. Both in high heels. Nice. (I actually made three rounds around that block to make sure I could give a proper redescription 😉 ).

But the worst thing at all was the percussions hall. Everywhere people were testing drum sets, and due to the inability of the human hearing to locate those noises precisely it always sounded as if someone was trashing away wildly at some place just around the corner. But when I went there, well, then it was just another random mix of the testing sounds of fifty people scattered all over the hall ….

Later in the evening I went to a Whisky tasting. Classic malts. Very nice, I can recommend Oban as a very good one. This thing was held in the Destille Darmstadt, which is run by the father of the TV cook Tim Mälzer (VOX - Schmeckt nicht - gibt’s nicht).

Next day, next Whisky tasting (hehe). Highland Park, Scapa, Tobermory, Isle of Jura, Bunnahabhain, Bowmore, Laphroaig and Ardbeg. Well, number four is a good one, numbers five and six are great. Seven and eight … well, if you wanna have something which kicks, go for seven. If you ever wanted to know what diesel fuel tastes like, go for eight. Whew.

Then … class reunion. With a bit of Whisky before that’s even funnier 😉 . But this time was a real good one. I saw Thomas again, and Hendrik, and Michael (aka “Lenni”), and Hannes, and Rolf, in the Krokodil. And we talked until three in the morning. Then Thomas drove me home, which was really nice of him.

Then, one day later, film & photo thing at the uni caferteria. Nice, many old things, so nothing for me. I went through some books instead and found maybe one or two interesting ones. That evening I went to go for a coffee with MäxX, who kindly made a new training plan for me (studio, weight lifting, testosterone stuff, ya know 🙂 ).