BAD Mood

Mar 30, 2005 22:01 · 214 words · 2 minute read das nervt leben menschen

Two of my friends are going crazy. Totally. Both in their own way.

The second one’s birthday is today, and I went to him to install his present (created and manufactured by Flo): A comfort leather toilet seat with armrests. That was the absolute highlight of that day.

After having done that we (The Me, Flo & MäxX) wanted to go to the movies (precisely: Sneak Preview) with Mäx’s roomie, who did invite him in the first place. Alas the boyfriend of hers didn’t inform good old Mäx that the invitation didn’t include the obtaining of the entry tickets. So we drove to the cinema, and after hearing What do you mean with “We don’t have tickets??” we walked back again. It not like that we have school holidays right now and all of the five (!!) halls were completely (!!!) sold out. And it’s not like I had known that in advance, were I’ve been told that tickets had not been bought for us a little earlier.

I hate that. I am in a bad mood. Which kind of person invites some other person to come along to the movies, after buying the tickets??? Is it me or is that just stupid - especially considering the fact that the tickets are seat reservations?