Converted WordPress ... again.

Mar 1, 2005 14:18 · 135 words · 1 minute read digital

Well, now it’s WordPress 1.5, and it’s great - I think. Textile 2 isn’t present any more, which is not too bad, because Textile 1 suddenly started working, the interface is a bit better, and, well, Spam Karma doesn’t work any more. But I’m a version junkie, so if someone tells me “1.5 is sooo much better than 1.2” I’ll upgrade. Immediately. 🙂

Anyways, the design kinda sucks - I liked the old one, and maybe I will get it back if I have time. But there’s one feature which is quite amazing, even if I didn’t test it yet: Pages. WordPress is now able not only to manage blog entries, but also something called “pages”, which basically is a simple web page, embedded in the WordPress theme (as far as I have understood that).