The O.C., my musical career, and stuff

Feb 22, 2005 17:57 ยท 226 words ยท 2 minute read leben musik sport tv

Well, I’m feeling like writing again. (Hopefully the phlegmatic “comes time, comes reader” approach works here, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Well. Anyways, I have a new “obsession”, or actually two.

The first one is The O.C., which is a new series from the U.S. running around here on wednesdays at 21:15h, Pro7. I was actually so curious how that continues that I downloaded all the episodes from the internet and watched them over the time. Just today I have reached season two, episode 13, which is actually also the last one which ran in U.S., so I have nothing more to watch any more. I guess I’m a bit on withdrawal until next … well, saturday probably - it runs on thursdays in the US, so I won’t have it until saturday I guess.

The next thing is my “musical” career - I started playing the piano just three weeks ago. Which is great. I have a new Ketron GP 10A electrical piano now, and I can play Yesterday from the beatles. I’m just about quitting studying for that ๐Ÿ˜‰ - at least it’s a hell of a lot more fun!!

Then the stuff part: Squash day last time reverted to 6:3 (three being mine …), after a crushing 10:2 (two being mine) the time before the last one. Next time will be better still, I will.