Squash: weird location and big success

Feb 4, 2005 17:26 ยท 136 words ยท 1 minute read sport

Yesterday was Squash Day again, as you might recall. While trying several squash locations in and around Darmstadt we went to the Squash Center in Griesheim. A strange, weird, pub-like squash-club athmosphere greeted us at the entrance, and the only five people present were sitting in the pub’s main room and were having a beer. Hm.

The courts themselves were … different, old, but you could at least play. Although the back wall did not go to the top, so the ball could easily drop out of the court when being played too high. And no one else was there, playing. Well. I think we won’t go there again.

Anyways, first time I got to a final score of 6:3, the three being mine, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ . It doesn’t take long any more … ๐Ÿ™‚