Feng Shui

Jan 31, 2005 19:33 · 148 words · 1 minute read leben

I have discovered yet another eastern-way-of-life-be-happy-forever™ method for myself: Feng Shui.

The funny thing is: I have rearranged my living room to be able to work better, and now I just read in a book I bought that the things I have actually done while rearranging are solid solutions for previously typical problems. (This book did even depict a before-after situation, which alomost perfectly reflected my former living room - before and after …). I am quite amazed 🙂

Anyways, according to this book my “love’n partnership” area is in a dark, moist, windowless storeroom with two water tanks in it, my “career” area is in front of my entrance with all my shoes and countless trash items lying around there, and my creativity area is in my closet (and flushes down everything that’s left that way ;-))

No wonder my life sucks right now, eh? Hehehe …