Movies and More, or: I can’t be bothered

Jan 20, 2005 23:39 · 347 words · 2 minute read das nervt film

Ah well, Thursday again, Squash Day again. And some many more news, but … well, you see the title? I can’t be bothered to tell them properly. But let’s start at the beginning …

First, I had my first piano lesson on Tuesday. Peter - the teacher - meant that I would need the “advanced” studying material, because “it was noticeable” that I had already had some lesssons years ago. I laughed at him, but he stayed with his opinion. OK …

After the lesson I went to the movies in After the Sunset. Great fun, watch it. And Salma simply is a wicked woman, believe me … 🙂 . (By the way - that’s “I can’t be bothered, part one”: I can’t be bothered to write a proper review, which I originally intended).

Yeah. And because it was sooo great we went to “Blade - Trinity” just the day after. Yesterday. (Well, actually the day before yesterday, cause it’s after midnight now, but I don’t wanna be pedantic ;-)). To make it short: Don’t do that mistake. (“I can’t be bothered, part two” )

Yesterday and the day before I have been to the doc, to make some MRI takes of my shoulder and my lumbar region. In short: A joint in my shoulder is a little angry (_“sulking”_was the term the doc used, which I found pretty funny), and my back is … well, a bit worn out. I am in the upper third part of my skeleton’s original lifespan I was told.

Yeah folks, you heard right: Our bones are basically only made to last thiry years, after that we’re supposed to be eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. (I bet you didn’t know that one, did ya? Hee-hee!) So now go, find one!

And, last but not least, today was squash day. I reverted to 10:2, with the two matches being mine. Great. (Why do I always start playing great Squash after I lost about nine times????). Anyways. Bar Taunus, Rigatoni con Ricotta, a big beer, and the day is over now.

Good night.