The Covers Project

Jan 12, 2005 21:39 · 295 words · 2 minute read musik www

Did you ever hear a song and - usually much later - found out that it was a remake? Or “cover”, as it’s called when talking about songs?

Well, I have. And apparently some other people, too. So they founded a web site called the Covers Project, which is dedicated to list cover versions of old songs, and to enable the average human being to check whether a song they hear on the radio is a cover, or whether the artist has done something really new for a change. (Most of the new songs seem to be covers, don’t you think?).

Anyways, I personally think that the music business is in great need of some new talents. The music these days is noise to my ears usually, nothing new, in style as well as in songs (covers ;-)). Don’t get me wrong - I think the 80’s did have a lot of non-inspiring music, too, but … well, most of the stuff was at least quite nice. Whereas nowadays something like “Dragostea tin dei” from o-zone is top of the charts for weeks, which is among the worst pieces of music I ever heard. And this even serves as a great example of covering: This piece of sonic pollution was already covered about … what? One month later? Whew. And the new version was actually worse, if that’s even possible. That speaks volumes about the current music situation, don’t you think?

Anyways, now a site dedicated to list movie remakes would be needed. I just saw “The Saint” with Val Kilmer, and I think it’s a remake … at least my mother remembers the same movie with a slightly different storyline, which might be an indication. But I don’t know where to look … 🙂