click-freddy vs. command-line-jason

Jan 7, 2005 11:59 · 121 words · 1 minute read digital

Ever been in the situation where you would like to rename some many files all in the same way? Under Windows? Well, I am. And - worsening the problem - I have to do this in about 30 directories with about 5 fies to rename in each one. Under Windows searching The Right Tool™ is everyting. So we find 1-4a rename, and LupusRename, both free, small, and not working recursively. Thus unfit for the job.

Remembering the geek-roots of ours we open Cygwin, get a decent command line with the allmighty Unix command line tools in the back, and just do it:

find . -name tcp_unicast* | while read a; do b=$(echo $a | sed 's/tcp_unicast/rmi_singleton/g'); mv -f $a $b; done