Back at work & Happy Birthday

Jan 3, 2005 14:20 · 138 words · 1 minute read menschen uni

Well, it’s time to finish. That’s why I’m back at work right now, watching my computer crunching down gigabytes of raw data into more usable raw data. Ever noticed a side-effect of faster CPU’s? Tools are getting faster. But hey - it’s faster now, so one can update the features to include more of them. And the tool gets slower. On a faster CPU its execution time will decrease again. Then the features … . Then the CPU … . In the end the tool will be as fast as ever, but only with many more features. Great. Alas I need raw, bloody, unprocessed, basic speeeed - and I don’t get it.

Well, another more enjoyable event today is Melanie’s birthday:

Happy birthday, Melanie 🙂

Her being a lady we don’t speak of her new age here, hehe.