New Year’s Eve Party

Dec 31, 2004 19:04 · 332 words · 2 minute read das nervt leben

Well, it’s time - it’s New Year’s Eve, or “Hogmanay”, how the Scots would say. Right now I’m waiting on my friend Max to wake up to go to a New Year’s Eve Party in his hometown Nieder Olm City 😉 . Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing not to know where that is, hehe.

But usually I do not like celebrating New Year. It’s stupid, don’t you think? I mean, it’s like the old car sticker saying “same shit - different day”. But I’m not complaining of course, any excuse to get some decent fun and get drunk is a good excuse, hehe. (Nah, really, I can use it right now).

Actually I’m just thinking back to my last year in Australia - there the very year change is already over, them being six hours in front. I don’t exactly remember what I did that day, but I do remember that I wanted to go to a New Year’s party in the Oyster Bar at the beach, which I didn’t do because I hate going to public parties without knowing anyone there. And I can’t emphasize the word “hate” enough in that context … . I think I was sitting in the living room with Peter and was getting either pissed or stoned, or both. In retrospect that was a good thing to do, actually. I might have a look at my logbook entries later to refresh my memories. If you want to come along, just look here and be enlightened.

But another thing I actually do remember is that the time there has been endlessly better than the following time here. So this year was some kind of a wasted year, with much to learn but little to earn. Saying that it should be no surprise to anyone if I say I take the new year as a chance to change some things. Thoroughly.

And after the last six months … things can only get better.

See you tomorrow.