Things are improving :-)

Dec 7, 2004 11:59 ยท 331 words ยท 2 minute read menschen unterwegs

Well, things are improving again. I was visiting my uncle in Zurich for his 70th birthday this weekend, and it was pure torture. It started with me getting sick from the train which leaned into curves to drive faster, and had seats much too low to be comfortable. If you ever hear CIS Alpino … run.

Zurich was extremely nice - the share of girls is much higher there than here in DA City, and - for a change - they look much better in average. Not physical, but … style. Still sick I was continuing on to the party, which started in a non-heated barn, where all guests froze their feet off and I won a bike-home-trainer-contest. Whew. It continued for about six hours with talks, songs, talks, songs, more talks, more songs, a movie, … . Pure hell.

But of course it was fun to see my younger relatives again (my cousins - about 40 years, my nephews - about 9 years of age), who are truly nice people ๐Ÿ™‚ . My … well, nephews Gregor and Tobias were especially fond of me, and I was given the name of “Living Plaything” by their aunt. I came to the conclusion to wait a little longer before having children. Too stressing. The parent’s lauged at that, the kids wanted to know, why - 15 times in a row. Not having a girlfriend was not an argument, of course. (Liberal Suisse upbringing, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Tobias ended that discussion with the statement “Just go get a girlfriend, and then … haaaaaahh!! Then it rocks!!” No comment … .

Going back (thank heavens in an ICE) I was in bed at 10pm and had a talk with my tutors at 10am next day. This was relaxing, reassuring and productive, thus this front is cleard, too, now.

And my new electronic dart board has arrived and already caused a great deal of fun during last evening. Things are definitely improving since yesterday :-))