Keepalive entry ...

Nov 24, 2004 00:23 · 148 words · 1 minute read sport zeug

Much has happened since last time I wrote. Nothing worth mentioning, though (remember the title? 😉 ). Anyways, a blog is for writing. So, first thing is I have a new Squash racket. Great. Lost 11:0 first time I used it (of course only because it’s still too unfamiliar). It’s an Oliver Wave 77, weighting about “approximately” 150 grams altogether.

Further, we are probably going to have dinner on XMas, which is not too easy because most of the restaurants are closed that day. (Do they all want to cook on XMas or is that just … weird??). While searching for an open restaurant I saw something … . Have a look yourself … .

Anyways, this is where we will go, and we will go for dinner, so we probably won’t come into trouble if they want to close at four minutes past half past twelve, hehe.