Bourne Identity, Pt. II

Nov 8, 2004 00:22 · 124 words · 1 minute read film

My almost weekly movies event. Bourne again, or in other words The Bourne Supremacy (I’ll have a look what exactly “supremacy” means quite soon!). Well, but for once I’m not really pissed having paid 8 € for a movie which

bored myself to death.

Of course, the story is a bit thin, and quire forseeable, but it’s solid Hollywood action. Good actors, solid work, nicely done. … well, apart from the camera - that pseudo-documentary style really sucks (it looked like they tried to save money on the camera stands, everything is shaking as if the camera guy was running around without a tripod and without knowing what to actually film).

But after all … good work. Nice ending title, too (Moby, “Extreme ways”).