The Flow(tm)

Oct 18, 2004 18:01 · 160 words · 1 minute read leben uni

Whew. Work is going great today. I’m not even finished and have already written about 7K of simulator code. That’s really good, don’t you think? For all people not into programming: Writing 7 kilobytes new, fresh code is not easy if you start something new from scratch! Always remember: every char you type is basically a command to the computer to do some stuff - you can imagine what can go wrong when you issue about 7000 commands to someone.

Anyhow, I’m going to a Full Playback Theater later, and I can do this with a free mind and without stressing myself about work not being done today. I like that 🙂 . Tomorrow morning squashing is on my schedule again, so this week promises to become a good one.

(And now I have one blog entry more on my list, hehe, but I think I should add a category named Not really important for postings like this one …)