All Blogs Gone ....

Oct 16, 2004 22:48 · 180 words · 1 minute read digital

I have been smart again. I did back-ups of all my blog entries, even multiple times, but hey - when you switch to SQL storage and delete all the SQL tables afterwards (accidently, of course …) you are usually happy about that.

But when you realize that your backups are useless, because the underlying database format was not happy with your latest system upgrade, and MovableType is not able to tell you what exactly is wrong, you’re f*cked again. Okay, they say the database upgrade is trivial, but … well, I upgraded to three … no, four different versions of DB now, and nothing works. So my entries are gone for now.


But at least this blog is now so much nicer than the last, with graphics, and plugins, and … well, just nicer 🙂 . The main reason for me to change - I admit - was, that BLOG:CMS (the backend software) is free. MovableType is not.

So, as life continues, this blog will fill again, but still it’s a shame that all the old entries are gone.